Have you experienced the benefits of a support group such as Weight Watchers, AA or Al-Anon? Or a small Bible study group or life group? Even a focused group like a book or hobby club gives its members the chance to know one another better and interact surrounding a common purpose.

Group therapy is a bit like those, with many added benefits. A therapy group is designed for the purpose of strengthening and healing the hearts and lives of the members. Rather than focus on just one aspect of life, like eating or addiction, or a book or curriculum, a therapy group allows each member to bring to the group themselves, their own thing, the relational or emotional issue they struggle with. And in return for honest disclosure, each member receives support, feedback and encouragement from the group in this safe, confidential social environment.

Through participation in the group, members better understand themselves and their relationships. They are heard and seen by the other group members in a more connected way than most of us experience in the wider world. Group therapy fosters learning, growth and change in a small community of caring and like-minded people.

An added benefit of group therapy is its relatively low cost.

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